the blue bee way

So you've got your bottle of   cocktail syrup in hand.    Here's how to get you  sipping on that perfect, sophisticated  drink in no time:

Blue Bee cocktail syrup is concentrated, so you need to dilute it, one part to ten.     This means,  for a 300ml  glass, use 30ml of syrup, for a 400ml glass, use 40ml of syrup and so forth.

You can adjust this according to your taste   - more syrup for the sweet tooth, less for  subtle  sweetness.

Let's say you're  using a 400ml glass:

Start with  ice. 

Add   40ml syrup  (roughly two single shot glass measures).

Add your alcohol:   Gin/Rum/Vodka/Tequila  (single or double shot - whatever your fancy). Skip    this step to enjoy a refreshing mocktail.

Add fresh lime/lemon and/or grapefruit *.

Top up with soda water.

Stir, enjoy and start thinking about how you will dress up your next blue bee cocktail/mocktail!

*Bring out your inner mixologist and add seasonal fruits, berries and/or fresh  basil, mint, rosemary or    thyme .