christo bezuidenhout

Charismatic frontman    Christo    is at the heart of the business.

Over the years,  he has been a jack of many trades - from primary school teacher, to project manager for a major global IT company in the UK.      He has also occupied various roles in the wine and hospitality industry and even dabbled in home renovation.

He loves entertaining people with his crazy ideas and skills, and has made it his mission to dazzle with food    and drink  that is sure to   put a smile on your face.

Find the Blue Bee at a market or festival near you or enquire about a cocktail bar for your private function where you will be served  bespoke drinks made with the Blue Bee range of handcrafted cocktail syrup.


the range

  A sugar and honey base syrup* is infused with  mostly locally sourced ingredients (rose geranium plants are organically grown in Christo's own garden), to create the current selection of  seven   flavours:

Rose Geranium   (the flagship)

Rosemary Cinnamon Rooibos

Lime and Toasted Spices

Passion  Fruit

Red Fig (seasonal)

Elderflower & Elderberry (limited stock available during December, January & February)

Pomegranate & Toasted Spices  (seasonal)

*does not contain alcohol

* four times less sugar than tonic  water -  mix the  syrup with soda water for sophisticated    flavour,  with less sugar.

Let your creativity run wild and use as a mixer   with your favourite  gin, rum or even  wine. Add  soda , lime, mint  or fresh fruit and enjoy a  tantalising    cocktail  that  will  awaken your senses.

OR  enjoy as a refreshing mocktail   without the alcohol.


where the magic happens

Blue Bee's  handcrafted cocktail syrup range is lovingly created  in a small workshop in  the  peaceful coastal town of Kleinmond in the  Western Cape.

Here, the boss bee himself and  his worker bees  cook, bottle and label every bottle of  the  sweet stuff  by hand.